Jessica and the Silver Eclipse

by Raybob Industries Inc.

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released May 1, 2007



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Raybob Industries Inc. Salem, Oregon

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Track Name: The Archive of Memories
Literal but unintentional
Limitate the unseen visual

Intersecting and rejecting
without reason without warning
Diagnosing yet destroying
Listen to the liquid closely

Archives of swift defeat

Elemental actions filter in
Have you forgotten where we have been?

Hesitating and erasing
Little lecture, time relenting
Diagnosing yet destroying
Listen to the liquid closely

Archives of swift defeat

Archived memories
Track Name: The Blind and Deaf Songbird
Setting up the impossible
(complicating those you love)
Taking drinks with the less evil
(magnifying things you loath)
Playing hearts hoping to reveal
(compromising what you have)
Review, Rewind

Your pitch is kind but deaf and blind
Your thoughts are lost let's redefine

You are trapped with unthinkables
(complicating those you love)
Nevermind if I switch tables
(magnifying things you loath)
Becoming unreasonable
(compromising what you have)
Undo, Unwind
Track Name: The Curtail of the Covert
Tricky tricky, he waltzed in and stole your heart
(before, reborn, forlorn, and torn without thought)
Unthoughtful thinking, your words smear with muddy lies
I don't know you...

Slicing! Cutting! Massacring!
Curtail - Covert

Tricky tricky, you don't seem to follow rules
(before, reborn, forlorn, and torn without thought)
Fifty/Fifty, this choice is only yours
I don't know you...
Track Name: The Digit of Death
Detrimental service to those you know
Decomposing choices which you don't know
I never wanted this
I did what you wanted
Discovering anything less of it

You never thought that this would become of it
Just dial anytime and you'll find the digit of death

With that you came back through that tour
Written complaints I've filed before

Minimalization of thoughts you make
Massacring decisions in your wake
Reliving what you want
Revealing what you hate
Not realizing any choice that you make
Track Name: The Elixir of Malnutrition

I thought I knew you better
Crinkled receipt
We start our new endeavour

I can't breath when you suffocate me
please believe then evaluate reality
not the toxic glee

I feel completely helpless so far away...
Is there ongoing progress through the fray?

I can breath now that you embrace me
you believe now we live in our reality
without toxic glee
Track Name: The Fifteenth 28
Bitter, bitter - what's the status now?
Clicker, clicker - softly forget how
Sticker, sticker - labeling is down

How can we correlate?
With 1, 5, 2, and 8?
Track Name: The Gilded Age
I let go one moment your palm released from mine
I recognize that not every moment I'm right

how long will it take between present time and thy gilded age?

How could a winning streak drop from agility?
Eighty-two minutes from a post eternity.
Track Name: The Hermetic Ring
Let's suffer from distribution of those charms you knew
Relocate your association to the lure

Eloquently misinterpreting
Simplifying your hermetic ring

Little leycesteria
Sweet yet so delirious
Track Name: The Intentions, the Inventions
Enter in your new inventions
Cancelling our redemption
Creating your new dimensions
Destroying  your intentions
Track Name: The Jurisdiction of Repetition
The thoroughfare of time, I fumble, is well remote
Can't we merely fast-forward to our abode?
Inject in the promises I'll preserve and utilize your gallantry
Recall where we appertain? Time is our sovereign enemy.

Cheerful together, endure forever
(i'm too old they say, they enunciate)
Cheerful together, elastic
(you're too young they say, they articulate)

Multitudes of lonesome nations claim 'poor design'
Mono-stereotypes crafted, please don't falsify

But where is the light? Oh can't you see?
Unable to digest the blueprints?
They never fathom the exactitude.
Hush not, just swallow your rusty mints