Hey Girl Hey

by Raybob Industries Inc.

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Bursting with catchy synth-duels, savory drum fills and sprinkled with 8-bit pixie dust, Hey Girl Hey "...pierces into your heart like an 8-bit laser beam of joy." It's an electrifying set of synth-rock songs created on the heels of Ray's recent concerts, and features covers of Willy Wonka, Animal Crossing, Mega Man 5, and Super Monkey Ball 2.


released August 31, 2010

©2010 Raybob Industries Inc.



all rights reserved


Raybob Industries Inc. Salem, Oregon

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Track Name: A La Mode
What's that I heard? You wanna be absurd?
Or maybe I mistakenly inferred.
Just drop our call then shake your 8-ball
if you want advice that you prefer.

I want you to know
Your logic's got to go
You seem very nice, but otherwise
Everything you say is a la mode

It's not a game in which you complain
then I rearrange thoughts you sustain
I'll truly care if you're ever there
so please help ensure it's not in vain.
Track Name: Rainbows and Curves
I don't know what you see, whether it's you or me.
Rainbows and curves they both get on my nerves.
I've got better things to believe with or without you, please
Make up your mind and then color in-between your lines
Track Name: Lead the Attack
It's a quarter past. Time sure doesn't last.
All these times with you go way too fast.
But you have to go.
I'll see you tomorrow.
We were something I will never know.

It's too early, too early, too early to go.
I just said, I just, I just, I just said my hellos.
You can lead the attack. I don't want to go back.
Track Name: App Fer That (feat. Tim Ferrell)
Yo. In my benzo rollin' home, suspect the 5-0. If they catch me doin' ninety it would cost me some bones. A brother better hope he's lucky and the scouts stay in line, or they'll be drawin' glocks and nines instead of gunnin' for fines. You think you're aimin' for me? The situation's reversed. You think you're sneaking up? You ain't! My phone saw you first. Went from best to the worst. Now with Trapster you're cursed. Yo, this app opened up my whole universe.

Universe of knowledge web 2.OH. Crowd-source reality so now we can show the knowledge aggregation poolin' truth of a nation. We're an army of nerds. A frickin' legion of Davids. We're the now generation instant gratification and we harness the tech and we decide our own stations. We're the new media. We don't need or want your broadcast. We're slaying sacred cows 'cause we're butcher iconoclasts.

Twitter on the run.
I got an app fer that.
Friends together for some fun.
I got an app fer that.
Yo my list is almost done but I gotta get a gun.
Yo I got another mother f***in app fer that.

That's it, I'm on you little sh**s, that's right. Won't stop. My revolution is about to drop. Google maps just ain't enough for me 'cause when I get rollin' there'll be blood in the streets. (what?) Direct action we'll confront 'em with truth. Unified, rising up we're the voice of the youth. iPhone crew puttin' holes in the boys in blue. It ain't enough for you? I got an iPad too.

You gotta slow your roll 'cause it ain't what you own. A revolutionary maestro ain't born from a phone. Makes the Android it's b**** and rapes Storm through the night, giving other phones AIDs, but it's still a shoddy flashlight. Can I blow up a bridge? Report a pothole. Sell my army of kids? No way, dude, they're adorable. Order a hybrid pirate space ninja zombie wombat? Do anything for love but it won't do that.

Any chicks around?
I got an app fer that.
Give my voice a new sound?
I got an app fer that.
When I'm sick of sendin' texts, can I make some sound effects?
Yo I got a bunch of mother f***in apps fer that.
Track Name: Digital Delight '10
Colors flicker on the screen with pride.
Lightbulbs burning through the glare so blind it hurts to bare.
Plug your soul into port number one.
Share your love through cords
This will be fun don't stop the run

Digital Delight. The joy awaits you inside.
Joy awaits you inside.
Plug into your type or go against the tide.

Crossing circuits is it green or red?
Powerglove will help you beat the dead (or so it said).
Track Name: It's Just a Dream
I don't know you very well, I'd say.
But I think I know enough.
You don't realize how your words that day altered my future and...

I know it's a dream, but a part of me believes.
Time will unfold, or is that what I perceive?
After all it's just a dream.

I'm not likely to believe true love,
but you might just prove me wrong.
I don't understand my heart these days.
What is my future for...
Track Name: Neon Spring Blossoms
When I first came to town I wasn't sure how long I'd stay.
I bought a home and rearranged my furniture all day.
I wrote some letters, planted flowers, fished, then worked for pay.
It only took till Saturday the chance to hear you play.
Your words were gibberish but I could love it anyway.
I have your bootlegs but it's not the same as when you play.
Track Name: Quota Zero (hey girl hey)
It's not a game, not a game I chose to play, chose to play.
But sacrifices must be made.
Is this a sign? This a sign? Or am I blind? Am I blind?

Well what you get is what you see.
Take a chance it's only me.
Hey girl hey.

I'm all boxed up, all boxed up and on display, on display.
So take a moment, how about three?
Take a chance it's only me.
Hey girl hey.
Track Name: Pure Imagination
Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination.
Take a look and you'll see into your imagination.
We'll begin with a spin traveling in a world of my creation.
What we'll see will defy explanation.

If you want to view paradise simply look around and view it.
Anything you want to, do it.
Want to change the world?
There's nothing to it.

There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination.
Living there you'll be free, if you truly wish to be.
Track Name: Time Bomb
It's poisonous to talk this way with you.
I wouldn't believe the place you've gone if told last year.
It's crushing just to hear.

Time can bring regrets.
Please don't see them through.
Is life what you want?
Or one he wants for you?

You always thought of the future, so why give up on time?